With the decarbonisation of the global economy recognised as one of the greatest challenges of our times, the cement industry is focusing strongly on the mitigation of its CO2 emissions. Among the many technologies available, carbon capture is set to play a major role with its two options of storage or utilisation of captured CO2, both of which have featured strongly in ECRA’s research work.


This international conference aims to draw attention to CO2 infrastructures, which are fundamental in order to transport the captured CO2 from source to sink. It will address topics such as infrastructure demands, examples and perspectives, technical aspects of pipeline construction, and process, design and construction requirements. In addition, EU Climate strategy, the development of European networks and pipelines for CO2 transport, project case studies, economic policy, and societal framework and acceptance will be discussed. Registration is free of charge.





Time Zone: Central European Time (CET)


DAY ONE: 3 FEBRUARY 12:00 – 17:15


Demand for CO₂ infrastructure for climate neutrality in the cement sector

Society and political framework for CO₂ neutrality in the cement sector

CO₂ Infrastructure demand for EU climate strategy

Regional approaches

CCUS Project regional analysis in Europe

Porthos-CCS: Experiences and Challenges

Development of a project for offshore CO₂ logistics: The Northern Lights project

Alberta Carbon Trunk Line for CO₂ pipeline transport now fully operational


DAY TWO: 4 FEBRUARY 9:00 – 14:00

Technical aspects of CO₂ networks

Perspectives regarding CO₂ infrastructure development and potential reuse

Development of European networks for CO₂ transport

CO₂ rail transport, establishing links from inland cement plant locations to CO₂ hubs

CO₂ handling and technologies for cryogenic processing

Solutions for CO₂ pipeline construction in the UK

Informing the planning of CO₂ infrastructur in the EU, JRC’s Energy & Industry Geography Lab

Society and stakeholders

Societal and stakeholder aspects

Demonstration project, virtual site visit

The conference will offer the opportunity of an online visit to the “Carbon-2-Chem” Kopernikus project carried out by a multi-sector consortium with a technology demonstration installed in the steel plant of thyssenkrupp in Duisburg.

End of the conference 14:00




Martin Schneider


Koen Coppenholle


Paulo Rocha


Peter Arends, Michiel Spits

Porthos Development C.V

Szczepan Polak

Northern Lights

Jeff Pearson

Wolf Midstream’s CarbonBusiness Unit

Johannes Ruppert


Prof. Stuart Haszeldine

University of Edinburgh

Sidonie Ruban

Air Liquide

Markus Oles


Peter Handley

European Commission DG Grow

Andy Brown

Progressive Energy Ltd.

Anne Boorsma




  All details are subject to change.