Your way to ECRA


Motorway route to ECRA
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By car:

From the South
via A 3, A 59, A 57 or A 46

From the West
via A 52 or A 44

From the North
via A 57, A 3 or A 52

From the East
via 44, A 46 or B 7

By public transport:

From Duesseldorf International Airport

Bus No. 721, direction "D-Gothaer Weg", to bus stop "Frankenplatz" (journey time: approx. 15 min.)

From Duesseldorf Central Station

Tram No. 707, direction "D-Unterrath",  to stop "Tannenstrasse" (Journey time: approx. 20 min.)


Bus No. 722, direction "Stadthalle/Messe",  to bus stop "Frankenplatz" (Journey time: approx. 20 min.) 


Bus No. 721, direction "D-Flughafen",  to bus stop "Frankenplatz" (journey time: approx. 15 min.)

By taxi:

Approx. 15 minutes from Duesseldorf International Airport and Duesseldorf Central Station