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Our mission is to advance innovation in the cement industry within the context of sustainable development and to communicate the latest knowledge and research findings in cement and concrete technology. With a membership of over 40 leading cement producers worldwide, ECRA supports and conducts research activities on the production of cement and its application in concrete. ECRA's seminar programme provides a range of pan-European seminars and workshops covering the issues of major importance to the cement industry today.


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2nd ECRA Online Conference "CO₂ Infrastructures"

On 19 and 20 January 2023 the European Cement Research Academy held its 2nd International Online Conference on CO Infrastructures. 

With the decarbonisation of the global economy as one of the greatest challenges of our times, the cement industry is focusing strongly on the mitigation of its CO₂ emissions. Among the many technologies available, carbon capture is set to play a major role with its two options of storage or utilisation of CO₂, both of which have featured strongly in ECRA’s research work.

At the second international conference on CO₂ infrastructures, ECRA and CEMBUREAU brought together representatives of the cement industry and stakeholders who carry responsibility for building and operating CO₂ infrastructures, along with policy makers who will set the respective legal framework. Read more