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Terms & Conditions
Registrations can only be made online via the ECRA website All current registration deadlines are shown on the website. Participants will receive written confirmation of their registration.

Participation fee Unless stated otherwise, the participation fee per person for each physical seminar/workshop is 1,350 EUR for participants from ECRA member companies/organisations. The participation fee for online seminars for participants from ECRA member companies is 500 EUR.

There is a discount of 25% for each additional participant from the same company address for physical seminars/workshops. This discount does not apply to online seminars.
Cement associations which are ECRA members may delegate one participant to each physical seminar/workshop or online seminar free of charge.

Participants from companies or organisations which are not ECRA members will be charged double.


VAT application:
Invoices issued to recipients in Germany: The standard rate of VAT in Germany will be applied.
Invoices issued to recipients in other EU countries: VAT will not be applied if the recipient provides a valid VAT registration number (reverse charge rule according to Art. 196, 205 EU-Directive 2006/112).
Invoices issued to recipients in non-EU countries: VAT will not be applied. A certificate of tax residence is required.
The above-mentioned VAT application rules apply only to the participation in ECRA’s physical seminars/workshops and online seminars.

Payment must be made in advance of the seminar/workshop. Participants will receive an invoice shortly after registration which is payable immediately by bank transfer. Payment will be accepted in Euros only.

Participation fees will be refunded for cancellations made in writing up to seven days before a physical seminar/ workshop or online seminar takes place. No refund will be made for cancellations received after this date.
ECRA reserves the right to change the content of its physical seminars/workshops and online seminars and to cancel these in the case of insufficient bookings or other circumstances beyond its control. In the case of cancellation by ECRA, participants are entitled to a full refund of their participation fee. ECRA is not responsible for any other loss incurred by a participant resulting from the cancellation or alteration of a physical seminar/workshop or online seminar by ECRA.


These terms and conditions are governed by German law.
Duesseldorf, February 2024
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