Kiln Firing Systems for Advanced Alternative Fuel Co-Firing

To present the latest developments in alternative fuel co-firing systems and provide an overview of the latest burner technologies and their impact on clinker.
Target Group:

Process engineers, combustion experts

Plant operators are faced with the need to substitute fossil-based fuels by co-firing alternative fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and for economic reasons. While the introduction and combustion of alternative fuels in the calciner can be seen as state of the art, there is an ongoing trend towards solid fuels which are fed via the rotary kiln burner into the clinker burning process. A rapid development has been taking place in rotary kiln burner technology concerning the firing of multiple fuels with different combustion characteristics. Alternative fuel co-firing changes the flame shape, heat release and temperature profiles in rotary kilns and thereby impacts clinker and cements properties. A new burner generation fulfils the requirements of clinker processing with regard to the respective fuels and helps to compensate negative effects of alternative fuels by adapting the burner setting. The seminar includes a visit to the HeidelbergCement plant in Goražde, Poland.
  • Burner operation and flame characteristics of kiln firing systems
  • Maximising SSW combustion at the main burner of a precalciner kiln
  • Burner concept for kiln #2 at Goražde plant
  • Alternative fuels combustion in the CRH Rohožník cement plant
  • Alternative fuels combustion with the KHD PYRO-JET® kiln burner
  • Optimisation of RDF combustion with the Polflame burner
  • Combustion simulation of refuse-derived fuels in cement  kilns: status, potential, limits, examples
  • Overview of burner performance at high AF rates
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