Performance-based Specifications for Cement and Concrete


For cement manufacturers to offer a market-driven portfolio it is necessary to understand present and future customer and market demands. The trend towards more performance-based specifications is a topic currently being discussed in various contexts. The aim of the seminar is to inform about and discuss this and other current and anticipated developments and trends.

Target Group:

R&D staff, sales and marketing staff

At present, European concrete standards mainly contain a system of descriptive requirements (e.g. maximum water/cement ratio, minimum cement content, minimum concrete cover) and classes (e.g. exposure, consistency, compressive strength) for describing the durability performance of concrete. In some cases this system can reach its limits, when for example a minimum service life >> 50 years has to be proven, new building materials of which there is no long-term experience are to be used, or when there are special ambient conditions or applications to be taken into consideration, such as ASR in concrete road construction. In these cases the performance of the concrete and of the constituents has to be proven by lab-performance test and/or service-life calculations. Based on practical case studies, key parameters and requirements for lab-performance concepts and service life calculations will be described and discussed. The current situation in standardisation (fib/CEN) and the principles of European Technical Assessments (EAD / ETA) will also be covered. The seminar includes a visit to the laboratories of Smart Minerals GmbH in Vienna.
  • Performance principles in EN 206: 2013
  • Key parameters and requirements for durability performance concepts
  • Case study: Development of an ASR performance test
  • Experiences with performance concepts in Austria
  • Case study: Laboratory freeze-thaw tests and their transferability to practical conditions
  • Prediction of concrete durability by indicators
  • Durability resistance classes
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
21-22.06.2017 Vienna, Austria Vienna International 1,350.00 EUR 01.06.2017

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