Secondary Abatement Techniques

An overview of the latest technologies concerning the secondary abatement of airborne emissions (dust, NOx, NH3, SO2, Hg, CO, TOC) from the clinker burning process with regard to present and future legal requirements.
Target Group:
Process engineers, plant design engineers, environmental engineers, national and international associations
Legal requirements regarding emissions abatement for cement plants, especially those using alternative fuels and raw materials, challenge the cement industry to constantly improve its high level of environmental protection. Further developments at UN level are expected to have a further impact on technological developments in the years to come. Participants will be given an overview of currently used state-of-the-art abatement technologies and the latest developments as well as plant reports from operating full-scale installations. Primary (process-integrated) and secondary (end-of-pipe) technologies for relevant emission parameters will be discussed as well as upcoming or potential developments in legal requirements. The seminar includes a visit to the Kirchdorfer Zement plant in Austria which uses a new DECONOX system for the reduction of NOx, organic compounds and CO.
  • Overview of present and future environmental legal requirements and their impact on the cement industry
  • Experiences with the High Dust SCR installation at WOTAN Zement
  • Experiences with the Tail End SCR in the HC plant Lengfurt
  • A new regenerative Low Dust SCR technology – AUTONOX
  • Experiences with he-SNCR for NOx reduction
  • Experiences with the DeCONOx system at Kirchdorfer Zement
  • Experience with the XMercury technology at Wietersdorfer Zement
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
29-30.11.2017 Kirchdorf, Austria Linz / Salzburg 1,350.00 EUR 13.10.2017

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