Quality Control of Cement

Overview of the requirements and modern techniques of quality control in cement plants.
Target Group:
Quality managers, supervisors and personnel of cement plant laboratories.

Construction materials must ensure safe and durable buildings and infrastructure and are therefore subject to strict requirements which are laid down in European or national legislation supported by the respective standards. In Europe, cement is covered by the EN 197, which sets the requirements for the product as such, but also for its quality control, an important element of which is the factory production control system. The seminar will give an overview of the typical requirements, in particular those defined in the relevant European standards, and of the quality control procedures in cement plants. Common physical and chemical methods as well as modern techniques, e.g. Rietveld analysis, online and inline analysis will be discussed.

  • Overview of requirements: Construction Products Regulation, REACH, national regulations, European standards
  • FPC and Quality Management Systems acc. EN ISO 9001
  • Physical methods of quality control
  • Isothermal conduction calorimetry (ICC)
  • Chemical methods of quality control
  • XRF, XRD and Rietveld analysis
  • Automation of quality control in cement plants, modern online and inline analysis
Further details:
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08-08.05.2019 Duesseldorf, Germany Duesseldorf International 1,350.00 EUR 02.05.2019

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