Online Seminar: Digitally Supported Maintenance

Modern sensor technologies and new approaches towards data evaluation have changed strategies in maintenance and service in cement plants. This virtual seminar provides an practical overview of new tools and modern maintenance approaches to reduce repair costs and increase reliability.
Target Group:
Maintenance staff, process engineers, R&D, plant managers
This online seminar will present an overview of the latest developments in the field of maintenance, with a special focus on new digital tools. This will include software solutions for data organisation and evaluation, anomaly detection and failure extrapolation. The use of these tools comes with a number of questions: What data is required? How can data quality be ensured? What is going to happen to “my” data? And most importantly: How do I react to the results provided by software tools? During the online seminar a number of solutions will be discussed and case studies will be presented. Ongoing digitalisation provides further innovative new solutions which can support maintenance in cement plants. This involves new strategies for spare part handling, new measurement tools and even drones, which can be used for inspections.
  • New trends in maintenance: Preconditions and decisions
  • Using AI to boost cement plant reliability
  • New measurement technologies
  • Data analysis and failure extrapolation
  • Drone inspections
  • Spare part management
  • Virtual reality
  • Maintenance "Old School"
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
16-16.09.2021 500.00 EUR 14.09.2021

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