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Presentation of state-of-the-art emission abatement technologies for NOx, CO and organic compounds in the cement industry
Target Group:
Process engineers, environmental experts, representatives from national and international cement organisations
Legal requirements regarding emissions abatement for cement plants challenge the cement industry to constantly improve its high level of environmental protection. In the last 15 years, the catalytic reduction of NOx emissions has been further developed in the cement sector and operational experiences are now available from several cement plants in different countries.

Apart from this, a further reduction of the emissions of CO and organic compounds is also an upcoming issue in several countries, especially in connection with the utilisation of alternative fuels and raw materials. In several cases, the new legislative requirements can be met only with the application of efficient end-of-pipe abatement measures. This seminar will provide an overview of upcoming abatement technologies and present operational experiences from different full-scale installations.

  • Introduction to catalytic measures for emission abatement in the cement industry
  • Further development of DeNOx catalysts for improved reduction of organic compounds
  • Catalyst types for applications in the cement sector
  • Long-term experience with the appliaction of the LD-SCR process for NOx reduction
  • Operational experience with the RTO process from a European cement plant
  • Operational experiences with DeCONOx technology from a European cement plant
  • Regeneration of SCR catalysts
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
23-23.11.2022 500.00 EUR 23.11.2022

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