ECRA Grinding School

Take a look into the future of grinding in the cement industry: New ideas, technologies and tools.
Target Group:
Engineers and researchers with basic knowledge and experience in comminution
The ECRA Grinding School is a three-day face-to face seminar which will take place at the premises of ECRA in Düsseldorf. It will include a course on comminution modelling and the use of the" ECRA Comminution Simulation Tool", which has been developed in cooperation with the ECRA Academic Chair at the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany as part of ECRA's Future Grinding Technologies research project. The last day of the seminar will take the form of an innovation workshop and includes an introduction to the web-based "ECRA Innovation Tool" (an evaluation tool for available grinding technologies) with demonstration and industrial case studies, enabling an active exchange between researchers and users to ensure a maximum knowledge transfer.

06.09.2022 - Technologies:
  • ECRA's Innovation Tool and its application
  • State-of-the art comminution in other industries: An overview
  • Theory of ultra-dry comminution and classification
  • Equipment for ultra-fine grinding
  • Focus on stirred media mill

    Informal evening dinner
07.09.2022 - Modelling:
  • Basics of comminution modelling
  • ECRA's Comminution Simulation Tool and its application
  • ECRA's Comminution Simulation Tool: Case Studies
  • ECRA's Comminution Simulation Tool: Practical application
08.09.2022 - Innovation Day
  • Impulse talks: New technologies for comminution and classification in cement production
  • New concepts for "multi-stage" grinding plants: Prospects and limits
  • Ultra-fine (intermediate) products: Separate ultra-fine grinding; Ultra-fine classification"
  • Workshop: Design of a "Future Grinding Plant"

                                                  All details are subject to change.   
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
06-08.09.2022 Duesseldorf, Germany Duesseldorf International 1,750.00 EUR 16.07.2022

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