Online Seminar: (Re)carbonation of Concrete - CO₂ Utilisation Technologies


The seminar will shed light on the background of assumptions on natural carbonation, the forced carbonation of fresh concrete and concrete products, and the carbonation of crushed concrete.

Target Group:
R&D, engineering, sales and marketing

Decarbonation strategies of the cement and concrete industry worldwide include, among others, the integration of CO₂ via re-carbonation of fresh and hardened concrete.

The possibilities and achievable quantities of CO₂ incorporation in fresh and hardened concrete are currently the subject of much and often controversial discussion in the cement and concrete industry. The main issue concerns which methods/processes provide the greatest benefit and fit into the respective companies’ own decarbonation strategies.

In addition to evaluations of various studies on the carbonation of concrete, research results on the possible CO₂ absorption of hardened cement paste as well as case studies on the use of CO₂ in the production of fresh concrete and on the mineralisation of crushed concrete will be presented.

  • Carbonation of concrete - An overview
  • Utilisation of CO₂ in concrete production
  • Mineralisation of crushed concrete 
  • Accelerated carbonation of recycled concrete aggregates - FastCarb
  • CO₂ mineralisation of demolished concrete waste into a supplementary cementitous material
Further details:
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02-02.06.2022 500.00 EUR 01.06.2022

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