Online Seminar: Update on Carbon Capture Technology

Overview of the newest developments in carbon capture technology in the cement industry, including a description of the technology and its prospects and limits.
Target Group:
Cement producers, technology and equipment providers, technological research and development experts, climate and sustainability experts
The abatement of CO₂ emissions from industry processes is recognised as a key challenge for achieving carbon neutrality in the construction sector. It is now widely acknowledged that the abatement of process-related CO₂ emissions will require the capturing and sequestration or utilisation of CO₂ from cement plants. The maturity of the available carbon capture technologies differs. However, some are now ready for demonstration at industrial scale. This seminar will highlight the newest developments in carbon capture applications for cement plants, showing prospects and limitations by addressing key performance indicators such as energy demand, CO₂ avoidance, technology maturity and retrofitability. The seminar will help the participants understand the boundary conditions for carbon capture application to be adapted to specific plant sites. ECRA has extensive experience of its own in CCUS research and benefits from its broad network within the research community and its active members. The seminar will feature expert speakers representing acknowledged international research projects or from leading gas and equipment suppliers.
  • Overview of current projects and KPIs
  • Oxyfuel technology 1st generation
  • polysius® pure oxyfuel – A gateway to climate-neutral cement
  • Calcium Looping technology at TRL7 in the cement industry: Status of CLEANKER pilot plant and experimental campaigns
  • Norcem Brevik CCS Project (Chemical post-combustion technology)
  • Cryocap FG: A combination of cryo and adsorption technologies to decrease the cost of carbon capture
  • Update on the progress of the LEILAC projects and virtual site tour
  • Funding options
Further details:
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10-10.06.2021 500.00 EUR 01.06.2021

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