Online Seminar: The Future Composition of Cement and Concrete

Perspectives for future resources for cement and concrete production when the availability of currently used materials decreases
Target Group:
Plant managers, product managers, R&D managers, quality managers, portfolio managers
Climate protection, the circular economy and the sustainable use of resources are current and future challenges for the cement and concrete industry. The availability of “well-tried and proven” materials such as slag and fly ash will decrease in the coming decades in some regions. In addition, permits to mine sand and aggregates for concrete may become more restrictive. This online seminar will deal with the current and future availabilities of cement and concrete constituents. The potentials and limits of new materials will be discussed. The focus will be on slags from different metallurgical processes, ashes from different incineration processes, calcined clay, limestone and recycled and activated materials. The seminar will comprise overview lectures and case studies, offering sufficient time for discussions with the participants.
  • Demand and availability of raw materials for cement and concrete production
  • Use of ashes from different incineration processes
  • Calcined clay and limestone: New combinations for modern cement
  • Technical solutions for the production of calcined clay
  • Practical experience with the use of fines from concrete recycling
  • Recycled concrete, bricks and roof tiles for cement and concrete production
  • New cement resources from the metallurgical industry  
Further details:
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01.12.2020 500.00 EUR 30.09.2020

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