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Regional bottlenecks in the supply of raw materials for the production of cement and concrete already exist today and the goal of climate neutrality will also challenge concrete construction. How does the concrete sector face these challenges in the long term? Will the circular economy play a major role?
Target Group:
R&D, engineering, sales and marketing 
As the world continues to urbanise, many countries will face challenges in meeting the needs of their growing urban populations, including for housing, transportation, energy systems and other infrastructures. Concrete makes a valuable contribution to this worldwide. The challenge will be to meet the enormous demand for concrete structures without a further significant increase in the demand for natural resources and to achieve the aim of carbon neutrality. The circular economy is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. The principles of a circular economy can be supported at the following levels:
Design phase:
  • Material compatibility with regard to their reuse
  • Separability of materials that cannot be recycled together
End of life:
  • Reuse of recycled mineral materials in cement and concrete
  • Dismantling and reusability of components
If these approaches can be combined, the reduction in the use of resources and the emission of CO₂ could be optimised. Both with known technologies and with new approaches we need to ask which obstacles may hinder a broad application in practice today. What can already be done now, and where is there a need for further innovations?
  • Case study cement: Cement using processed building rubble

  • From the practice of a ready-mixed concrete manufacturer: Recycled concrete - Availability and performance

  • Resource-saving buildings made from reused panel components

  • Production of cement and clean aggregates from construction and demolition waste

  • Use of recycled aggregates in concrete: An overview

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