Online Seminar: Industry 4.0: Process Control

This online seminar will examine the latest developments in process control for kilns and mills in the cement industry. This will include new tools and strategies, latest sensor technology and state-of-the-art training.
Target Group:
Process engineers, process experts, kiln/mill engineers, R&D, plant managers
Process control is one of the areas impacted most by new developments arising from ongoing digitalisation. New intelligent sensors and new ways to make use of the available process data have led to new tools and strategies for process control and optimisation. This seminar provides an overview of these developments and introduces various solutions for kiln and mill control. The seminar will also cover the topics of process simulation, simulator training and new measurement solutions.
  • State of the art in process control
  • New sensor solutions for advanced process control - from quarry to dispatch
  • New solutions for process control
  • Mill control
  • Application Service Providing (ASP): Housekeeping and software for pyro
    process digitalisation
  • AI-based quality prediction for cement grinding
  • Digital solutions for operator training
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
01-01.12.2021 500.00 EUR 29.11.2021

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