Online Seminar: CO₂ Utilisation

An overview of CO2 utilisation options, technologies, maturity, performance and limits. An Introduction to current CCU projects in the cement industry.
Target Group:
Cement producers, technology/equipment providers, technological research and development, climate and sustainability experts

The abatement of CO2 emissions from industry processes is recognised as a key challenge for achieving carbon neutrality in the construction sector. It is now widely acknowledged that the abatement of process-related CO2 emissions will require the capturing and sequestration or utilisation of CO2 from cement plants. In particular cement plant locations having no direct access to a CO2 transport system require a strategy which includes the utilisation of CO2. CO2 is an initial material for various products such as chemicals, plastics, fuels, syngas or fertiliser.


The seminar will highlight the newest developments in CO2 utilisation technologies by explaining the processes for the different utilisation routes, their maturity and performance indicators. In addition, planned and already realised projects in the cement industry will be introduced showing the potentials and limits to be overcome when applying CO2 utilisation technologies to cement plants. The seminar will help the participants to understand the boundary conditions of CCU applications to be taken into account when developing plant- specific strategies for CO2 emission reduction.


ECRA can build on its own experience in CCUS research and benefits from its broad network within the research community and its active members, enabling it to invite expert speakers representing acknowledged international research projects or from leading gas and equipment suppliers.

  • Overview of CCU technologies
  • Mineral carbonation
  • Production of chemicals/plastics
  • Production of methanol
  • Production of fuels
  • Production of algae
  • Direct use
  • C2PAT Mannersdorf project

Further details:
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21-21.06.2022 500.00 EUR 20.06.2022

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