Online Seminar: Sulphur and Chlorine Cycles

Improved knowledge about sulphur and chlorine cycles, their process implications, future trends, and technical possibilities to reduce their impact on product quality and emissions
Target Group:
Process engineers, environmental and chemical engineers in the cement industry with experience in process engineering in cement manufacture
Sulphur, alkalis and chlorides form volatile compounds in the clinker burning process which can negatively affect the production process. As a consequence, it is important to limit these cycles and – if necessary –reduce them. In recent years, these cycles have increased in many kilns due to higher chloride inputs from secondary fuels and raw materials. In some cases, SO2 abatement measures have increased sulphur loads to the kiln. As a result, almost all cement kilns are equipped with bypass systems. In this seminar the basics of Cl/SO3 cycles in the cement kiln, the different designs of bypass systems, options for the utilisation of bypass dust, and best practice in limiting material cycles, will be discussed.
  • Design of bypass systems
  • Theory and behaviour of the Cl/SO3 cycle for non-process personnel
  • Modelling of riser design criteria for bypass systems
  • Engineering and reference installations
  • CL bypass systems with focus on minimising dust production & dust reworking
  • Bypass dust treatment by washing: From bypass dust to salt
  • Options for the utilisation of bypass dust
Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
08-08.09.2021 500.00 EUR 07.09.2021

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