Online Seminar: Concrete Technology of the Future


Regional bottlenecks in the supply of raw matertials for the production of cement and concrete already exist today, and the goal of climate neutraity will also challenge concrete construction. How does the concrete sector face these challenges in the long term? What potential with regard to concrete production exists and how do certification and standardisation support decarbonation and the resource efficiency of cement and concrete?

Target Group:
R&D, engineering, sales and marketing
Roadmaps on decarbonisation and resource efficiency worldwide are addressing the need to further innovate concrete technology. Besides the use of clinker-efficient cements (which is being addressed in several other ECRA seminars), potentials in concrete technology also have to be raised. Within this seminar the role of mix design and mixing technology, concrete additions and proactive quality control will be addressed. In addition to these practical technical aspects in concrete production, other levers such as sustainability certification and the role of technical assessments and standards will be highlighted.  .
  • New CO₂ module at the Concrete Sustainability Council
  • How to support decarbonisation and resource efficiency with:

        - Ultrasound technology in concrete production 
        - The use of concrete admixtures 
        - Proactive quality control using machine learning
  • The role of technical assessments and standards to support the decarbonisation
    and resource efficiency of cement and concrete
Further details:
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11-11.05.2022 500.00 EUR 11.05.2022

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