Online Seminar: Kiln and Burning Technology of the Future

New kiln and burning technologies which may play a major role in the future clinker burning process will be presented.
Target Group:
Plant engineers, plant chemists, process engineers, plant management

Different new technologies can play a major role in the clinker burning process. Technologies such as “Oxyfuel”, “Partial Oxyfuel”, Calcium Looping (integrated), H2 combustion, and plasma burners are presently under investigation or have already been tested at pilot scale. It is expected that we will see the impacts of these new technologies on kiln technology and burner types, and that they will also lead to significant changes to operational aspects. In the future, kiln stoppages must be avoided even more, but the switch between air and oxy operation and the related new safety aspects will also pose a challenge for the clinkering process in the future.
  • Evolving kiln technology for CO2 capture
  • H2 supply and the challenges for its use in the cement industry
  • Firing H2 in the main burner
  • Firing H2 in the calciner.
  • Safety aspects of future kiln technology (CO2, H2)
  • Tight cement kilns for optimised CO2 capture
  • Electrification of the clinker manufacturing process

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10-10.11.2022 500.00 EUR 04.11.2022

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