Online Seminar: Cements with High Limestone Content: An Effective Way to Decarbonise

Expanded knowledge of concrete and mortar made with high limestone contents; Fresh/hardened concrete properties, role of admixtures, durability aspects
Target Group:

R&D managers, plant managers with experience in cement and concrete technology, quality managers, portfolio managers, concrete produces, engineers and architects

Limestone is used worldwide as a cement constituent for good reasons. It is available at low cost in cement plants, is easy to grind, and a well-known material. However, the quantities used in the respective cements are usually well below 20 %. This is not enough for the purpose of climate protection and decarbonisation. It will be shown that even advanced types of concrete can be produced with cements containing higher amounts of limestone. Research results will be presented on the influence of different limestones on cement properties as well as on fresh and hardened concrete properties. In addition to interactions with admixtures, in particular the influence on durability aspects will be presented. Besides potentials, the limits of cements with higher limestone contents will be addressed. The seminar comprises overview lectures and case studies, and also includes the latest research results. Sufficient time for discussion will be available.
Limestone and limestone-containing cements:
Standard requirements, use and future importance
Properties of limestone/dolomite and influence on cement
Chemical and physical effects

Influence on grinding
Particle size Distribution:  Co-grinding / inter-grinding
Capacity and specific energy consumption

Influence of limestone cements on:
Concrete workability
Interactions with superplasticizers

Strength and durability properties of concrete with limestone cements:
Influence of limestone provenience
Adapted concrete technology for cements with higher limestone contents
Concrete robustness
Eco-balancing of concretes with limestone cements

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