Online Seminar: State-of-the-Art Calciner Technology

The newest calciner designs with a focus on gasification and pre-combustion of alternative fuels.
Target Group:
Process engineers, plant design engineers with experience in process engineering in cement manufacturing, combustion experts
Virtually all new kiln installations in the cement industry designed worldwide today are equipped with precalcining technology. Precalciners provide particular flexibility, as NOx and CO emissions are influenced by calciner operation, and alternative fuels can be fed at several firing places at different temperature levels. In addition to economic criteria, physical criteria (e.g. particle size) and chemical criteria (e.g. chlorine, sulphur, alkali and phosphate content) play a decisive role in the selection of alternative fuels as they can have an impact on the kiln operation and emissions. The seminar will give an overview of the current state of the art of calciner designs, the use of alternative fuels, and the possibilities of controlling NOx and CO emissions by fuel, air or meal staging. Current state-of-the-art thermal pre-treatment systems for the burning or gasification of alternative fuels will also be presented. The seminar includes a virtual tour of the CEMEX Ruedersdorf plant's CFB.
  • Experience Report: Burning chamber Prepol SC after two years of operation 
  • Modern calciner technology for burning low-grade fuel
  • Experiences with the KHD PYROROTOR combustor in the SPZ Gmunden plant
  • 20 years of experience with the FLS HOTDISC
  • Experiences with the Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifier in the CEMEX Ruedersdorf plant
  • A virtual tour through the Ruedersdorf plant

Further details:
Date Venue Nearest airport Price Registration deadline
22.01.2021 500.00 EUR 25.11.2020

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