Online seminar: Standards: The role of performance and descriptive-based approaches


Cement and concrete standards today contain descriptive elements (e. g. the composition), and performance-based approaches (e. g. strength tests). Critics see the composition requirements as an obstacle to the rapid introduction of innovative cements and concretes and are calling for more performance elements. Would purely performance-based standards really be the “silver bullet” for the important issues of decarbonisation and resource efficiency? What would the corresponding standards for cement and concrete look like and how would they influence each other? How could performance tests be implemented in practise? What would be the advantages and disadvantages? These questions will be examined from different perspectives.

Target Group:
Engineers, quality control, sales/marketing, standard makers, contractors, authorities
The advantages and disadvantages of descriptive and performance-based approaches will be discussed and scenarios will be presented. The expectations of the EU Commission for products standards under the future CPR and the specific experience from the CPR acquis process for pre-cast elements and cement will be shown. Alkali-silica-reaction (ASR) as well as exposure resistance classes will be discussed as examples of performance-based specifications for concrete durability. Specific questions to be discussed are: How would a down-stream regulation like the concrete standard EN 206 have to deal with a cement standard without any requirements on the composition of the cement? Should EN 206 be a harmonised standard under the CPR in the future?
  • Introduction: Description vs. Performance
  • Definitions, Pros and Cons, Scenarios
  • Performance” in the context of the Constructions Products Regulation (CPR)
  • Experience from the CPR acquis process
  • View of the EU Commission 
  • Case study: Pre-cast elements
  • Case study: CementDurability performance of concrete
  • Case study: Performance-based specifications on ASR – Experience from practice and research
  • Case study: Exposure resistance classes (ERC): A performance-based approach in EC 2 and EN 206-100
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18-18.06.2024 500.00 EUR 17.06.2024

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